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NiSi 15mm f4; NiSi's first lens offering!

NiSi's first lens; 15mm F4           I can’t say I expected to see a lens from NiSi. I had used their filters perviously; both he V6 and M75 systems which offer the ability to stack multiple filters without any appreciable image quality loss. If previous experience with the companies products is any indication this just might be a great lens. However this is their very first foray into lens production. All metal construction!           A little background about myself; I live in the province of Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada, a sparsely populated island in the North Atlantic Ocean. I specialize in photographing people and landscapes, offer a high quality print service and teach photo workshops (when covid allows). Shooting photos has been a passion for several decades and I've been photographing professionally for more than a decade.           First, full disclosure. NiSi did send me this lens to review. However there was no payment involved and I’m free to write my

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