Michelle and Chad's Sop's Arm - Jackson's Arm Wedding!

13 years of shooting weddings and 2020 is one for the books with the majority of planned weddings going down the tubes due to travel and gathering size restrictions.

Enter the intimate Covid wedding.  It's the 'we're gonna do it last minute, with a smaller group if necessary' hard core crew getting it done.  And frankly it's been wonderful photographing them!  Not only are most of these weddings far more laid back and taking place in peoples back gardens but there is also the distinct lack of wedding photographer burnout.  Usually by late summer after a hectic schedule of shooting weddings for 3 months I feel like I'd been run over by a train...twice!  Certainly not the case this season which means fresh feet and mind dancing around a beautiful relaxed wedding!

Welcome to Michelle and Chads wedding day from beautiful White Bay; Sop's Arm to Jackson's arm!  

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