Aug 13, 2018

Patti and Dustin's Marble Mountain Wedding

Dustin and i go back a bit.  And i bet if we told people we were brothers they'd probably believe it as we're both of the same build; tall and thin.  We also have in common the fact we both worked the retail side of the automotive industry, both got fed up with our jobs and left the car business for new entrepreneural pursuits, even though we both did well in our respective careers.  I like and respect Dustin a whole bunch and was honoured that he asked me to take photos on Patti and his wedding day.

I don't know Patti that much as i've never spent much time in her presence.  I do know that she seems like a wonderful life partner for Dustin and that she has the most stunning blue eyes i've seen in quite some time!  

Here is Patti and Dustin's wedding day in photos....

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Aug 8, 2018

Sam and Chaise' Stephenville Wedding

The first wedding of the year always gets me rilled up.  It's like the change of the seasons.  Change is good but a little anxiety can accompany it.

Just a few minutes after arriving i knew that the only thing i had to worry about was keeping warm!  The sun shone but the first week of June in Western Newfoundland isn't usually doesn't feel all that tropical!

Here's a recap of Sam and Chaise' wedding day!