Aug 23, 2019

Heather and Steve's Western Brook Gorge Snowmobile Wedding!

Almost a year before their wedding Heather wrote to tell me about an idea.  Her and Steve wanted to have their ceremony at the back end of Western Brook Gorge in Gros Morne National Park.  The catch was that they wanted to do it at the end of March and at that time of the year the place is only accessible via snowmobile, helicopter or a very very long walk on foot (skis or snoeshoes)!  

As avid snowmobilers obviously they choose the motorized approach on ground.  This is also special circumstance as the gorge is in the heart of Gros Morne National Park, the only national park in Canada that allows snowmobiling inside its borders.

On March 31st of 2019 sixty riders on forty snowmobiles made their way sixty kilometres into the back country from Cormack to Western Brook Gorge!

The ride in was beautiful with a perfectly groomed trail courtesy of the Junction Trail Blazers Grooming Club and sunny weather.  As we got further into the backcountry the clouds rolled in low on the hills and by the Gorge visibility was limited to just a hundred feet or three.  There was no view of the gorge what so ever!

The decision was made to pull back from the gorge and relax on a nearby frozen pond in hopes the clouds would lift.  Some ate, some chilled, and some rode snowmobiles (including the minister who put on a heck of a show!).  One thing we all did was get sunburned just a half kilometre from an entirely clouded in gorge!

And then incredibly the clouds lifted to reveal beautiful blue skies and perfect visibility of Western Brook Gorge!  You could light a match, hold it up and watch it burn to the end. There was zero wind, which is entirely unheard of at 2000 + feet at the gorge! 

So here we are almost a year after Heather and Steve decided on a plan and a date and miraculously, in a place that is home to some of the worst weather in Newfoundland, a place that receivess massive snowfall, and we're standing on the edge of one of the most beautiful views in all of the country with perfect weather and we're about to have a wedding!

It's really unbelievable that Heather's and Steve's dream came true!

Check it out...

A big thank you to Heather and Steve who trusted me to do their incredible wedding justice!  

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