Nov 23, 2016

Sarah and Rob's Humber Valley Resort Wedding!

I met Sarah and Rob over coffee months before the wedding.  Within a few minutes of conversation i knew they were amazing people and their wedding would be beautiful, irregardless of weather, location, etc., as their attitudes were incredible.  

Come wedding day in mid October they were fortunate enough to get beautiful fall weather and of course getting married anywhere the Humber Valley in fall is never a bad idea!

If you are interested in booking your wedding day please contact me via one of the methods listed below.  2017 is booking heavily and 2018 bookings have begun in earnest. 

Contact me via email at '' or call (709) 639-5335.  I'm located in Steady Brook, on the west coast of beautiful Newfoundland, in Canada.

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The Orchestrator

The Orchestrator!

Home to 24,000 Northern Gannet, as seen here, as well as 20,000 Kittiwakes, 20,000 Common Murres and 2000 Thick Billed Murres.

This is the beautiful symphony that is Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve!