Jan 11, 2010

Janice and Kieran's Marble Mountain Wedding

A few months back I was approached by some friends of mine wondering if I would consider shooting their wedding shortly before Christmas.

To be completly honest I was a little aprehensive about this wedding as we wouldn't start shooting until about 5:30pm or so. At this time of the year the sun sets by around 5pm or so in these parts. However, with the help of some flash, fast lenses and a great camera body, we were able to produce some great photos!

The wedding took place at Marble Mountain and went off beautifully! It was simple ceremony surrounded by many friends and tight knit families. I have to admit that it was a pleasure to have been a part of such a wonderful night of love, stories and tales and some great times!

A week before the ceremony Janice had mentioned to me that she'd love to have an image of her and Kieran silhouetted with one of Marble Mountain's snow makers in the background, as Kieran spent countless, cold nights working those guns at Marble. I figured we could at least try as we had nothing to loose....well, maybe some toes as it was freezing out! When it came time to try for the photo Janice ran out into the snow with no hesitation, Kieran tight on her heels! After getting the shot we headed back to the lodge to get warmed up. Looking down at her feet I noticed that she only had on her high heels! Tough I tell ya!

You gotta love it!

Thanks to both Janice and Kieran and both of their families for treating me like their one of their own!

Scott Grant
RONiN photography