Jun 17, 2011


Precious by Scott Grant
Precious, a photo by Scott Grant on Flickr.
Until we had our own we had no idea just how precious our child would be to us. Words just can't describe!!!

Ashley and Even's First Dance

From the wedding of Ashely and Even Sheppard!

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The Ancients, Part Two!

The Ancients, part two by Scott Grant
The Ancients, part two, a photo by Scott Grant on Flickr.
Yesterday was a blast!

It was another miserable day. Rain, wind and cold temps. Perfect weather for shooting waterfalls!

I thought of this location to photograph as i awoke in the morning. A look out the window confirmed it would be a good day for doing so.

I drove out to the brook and started the hike to the waterfalls. By the time i arrived i was soaking wet from head to toe. Really not a good thing if i planned to stand around the rest of the afternoon working on composition.

I headed back home and changed into some synthetic underwear and rubber clothes, had a good lunch and warm coffee and made the return trip to the waterfalls.

Most of the images i will trash as my compositions aren't too good. But I did like this one quite a bit!

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Jun 9, 2011

Stephenville Crossing Nesting Piping Plover

Got a nice call a few days back that piping plover are back and already nesting in Western Newfoundland.

I was able to responsibly photograph two mating pairs and nests, one with 4 and the other with 3 eggs.

I loved this image with a 'rainbowish' background!

Jun 7, 2011

Jun 1, 2011

Eight Fish One Beak

Eight Fish One Beak by Scott Grant
Eight Fish One Beak, a photo by Scott Grant on Flickr.
I find it amazing every time i see one of these birds with a mouthful!

Gull Island, Witless Bay Ecological Reserve.