Jun 17, 2011

The Ancients, Part Two!

The Ancients, part two by Scott Grant
The Ancients, part two, a photo by Scott Grant on Flickr.
Yesterday was a blast!

It was another miserable day. Rain, wind and cold temps. Perfect weather for shooting waterfalls!

I thought of this location to photograph as i awoke in the morning. A look out the window confirmed it would be a good day for doing so.

I drove out to the brook and started the hike to the waterfalls. By the time i arrived i was soaking wet from head to toe. Really not a good thing if i planned to stand around the rest of the afternoon working on composition.

I headed back home and changed into some synthetic underwear and rubber clothes, had a good lunch and warm coffee and made the return trip to the waterfalls.

Most of the images i will trash as my compositions aren't too good. But I did like this one quite a bit!

Thanks for looking!

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