Dec 16, 2009

Michelle and Richard's Gros Morne Wedding

I met both Michelle and Richard on the morning of their wedding day at the Gros Morne Resort in St. Pauls on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. We had only spoken for the first time about a month prior to the wedding. I was a little apprehensive at first not knowing exactly what to expect in both the bride and groom and location but Michelle and Richard treated me like a guest the entire day, welcoming me into their world for their very special occasion. And of course the entire Gros Morne area offers stunning views and vistas that made perfect backdrops!

After a beautiful ceremony under a magnificent chandelier we moved the show outside. With a November wedding, one doesn't expect to have great weather. And although it was quite chilly outside, the sun was very low on the horizon creating beautiful light for outdoor portraits. Unfortunatly, in November, the sun does tend to set quite early in the afternoon in our neck of the woods!

We finished the day inside the resort which was good thing as the wind coming off the water was merciless! The bridal party were troopers to say the least!

A big thanks to both Michelle and Richard for making my day that much more of a pleasure! Congradulations!

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All my best!

Scott Grant

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  1. Amazing wedding!! I am so inspired from this. Keep posting such photographs. Well I just hired a local event planner for all my wedding arrangements. I will use royal theme for my wedding party and will also hire wedding venues accordingly. I’m so excited for that.