Feb 10, 2010

RONiN's Fundamentals of Digital Photography Course a Success!

I didn't get take many images during the course as i was more concerned about my students and how they were fairing. here are some images i got to take on the second day. thanks to anyone who's already posted some!

Long Exposure session.


Christine checking exposure or WB


Lab getting the shot


Christine and Wayne setting Exposure Compensation.


i just wanted to pop back in here and say a big thanks to all participants of RONiN photography's first photography course! everyone walked away having learned new techniques on exposure, focus, creative camera controls, composition and more. i have to admit that everyone seemed to be more than pleased with what i had to offer. the biggest thing i've head from participants was that the hands on portion was just fantastic. anyone can show you on paper how to do something, but taking that tool in one's hand and making it work drives home the skill.

i am going to try to offer courses every so often in my off season until June or so. i doubt that i will have much time to offer them during the wedding season as i will be extremely busy.

in the near future i will be offering courses in advanced photography techniques and also in post processing (editing images in software).

if any of you are interested in learning please don't hesitate to contact me. the only silly question is the one you don't ask! 8)

Contact Info:
Scott Grant
(709) 634-3693

thanks again for everyone who participated! happy shooting!

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