May 12, 2010

Photography is my Therapy

I've spent the last four weeks cramped up in my little office in front of the computer busting my butt getting work done.  No, that's a lie.  I got out two nights to shoot moose in Gros Morne.  Other than that it has been all assignment work.

By lunchtime today i was rearing to get out!  I ate a great lunch of leftover pork chop and sweet potato and looked out the window to see what kind of day i was faced with...... 

Heavy overcast, rain, drizzle, and cold temps.  Hmmmm.  'Silver lining' right?  Great weather for shooting waterfalls! 

I grabbed my rain gear, trusty D200 (it's base ISO is 100 compared to ISO 200 on the newer bodies) a polarizing and ND filter and headed out to see what i could find.

Please click image to view larger.

Nikon D200.  Sigma 10-20mm.  ISO 100.  f16 at 1.6 Seconds.  
Polarizing Filter and Tripod.  Finished in Capture NX2.

Ahhhh!  That feels better!

Photography is my therapy!

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