Sep 30, 2010

Get Cracking!

Back in February I was contacted by a local magazine asking me to cover the Get Cracking Tour, an indoor snowmobile event at the Pepsi Center in Corner Brook.  Kourtney Hungerford, Dane Ferguson, Sam Rogers and Jason Semler would be riding their asses off in front of one hell of a pumped crowd!

With full access and some great low light camera gear I was pumped to get this night rolling.

Cheers to the organizers and sponsors to have to balls to try and bring something like this to the city of Corner Brook!

*Click each image to view larger.

Get Cracking!

DJ Callahan from CSR in St. George's

Familiar Faces

Lid and Steed

Dane Ferguson

Sam Rogers

Jason Semler

Jason Semler and the MC

Kourtney Hungerford


Dane Ferguson

"I'll give you this nice FXR jacket if you give me your piece of sh!t Slednecks jacket...."

And that was it for the Slednecks coat!



Super Stoked!

Dane Ferguson


Sam Rogers

And the band played on!

Love the headlight beam!


Kourtney Hungerford

Dane gets a ride on some serious vintage!

Kourtney's Ink


Dane, not far off the rafters!

Dane, full commitment!

Definelty some cover 'worthy' photos but between the jigs and the reels the ass fell out of the deal for the images to appear in print.

Another lesson learned on my part!

So, instead of you all having to purchase a magazine to see the images you can now see them here for free!  What a country! :)

Hope you enjoyed the show!  I certainly did!

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