Feb 14, 2011

The Gallery Wrap!

A few months back i decided to buy a roll of canvas to see what it would be like to print on using my large format Epson.  After a little trial and error i've gotten the hang of printing on this new medium.

The beauty of canvas is that the image takes on a different feel due to the texture of the medium instead of smooth paper while retaining good detail.  The image below shows fine detail from a canvas print.

*Please click the images to view larger and sharper.

But the question has been "what is the best way to finish the piece for hanging?"

How about a gallery wrap?  Clean, minimalist, yet quite striking without a frame.  It seems to float on a wall!

First the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame that can vary in thickness.  Personally, i like a thicker piece of wood for the following reason....

....there is print on each side, including top and bottom of the piece that imparts a 3D feel to a 2D print!  Even from extreme angles there is detail to catch the viewers eye.

Not only is the finished piece tidy with clean folded 'hospital' corners but is protected from the elements, including UV damage via a special finish.  This finish allows the piece to be wiped with a damp cloth if cleaning is necessary!

'The Gallery Wrap' is now available from RONiN photography....your images or mine!  Shoot me an email or call the contact info listed below. 

Gallery Wraps and framed images from RONiN photography will soon be available at another location in the Corner Brook area.  Details coming soon!

RONiN photography (Scott Grant) offers print and image sales, printing services, photographic and post processing instruction for both group and private sessions, and all kinds of photography from weddings, engagement sessions, family, pet, and corporate services.

If you would like to contact me please do so at scott@roninphoto.ca or call at (709) 634-3693.  I'm located in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, in Canada.

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