May 27, 2011

Silver Efex Powder Turn

Powder Turn by Scott Grant
Powder Turn, a photo by Scott Grant on Flickr.
Since last summer my workflow has changed entirely from using solely Nikon software to Lightroom and Photoshop. The Nikon software is slow as molasses which isn't good for culling and processing a couple thousand images every week. It was also very prone to crashes, seemingly at the worst of times.

However, as much as i try with the Adobe products i find it difficult to reproduce what i get with Capture NX2 and Nik Color Efex 3.0 filters.

A few days ago i bought the Nik Software bundle as i'll be into wedding season in a few weeks time. This bundle gives me back Color Efex Pro 3 and a host of other programs.

I've come to find the joy of Silver Efex Pro 2. I've hear people raving for a year or two now. The hype is legit!

Image taken one a huge powder day with lots of sun last winter on a D700 and 70-200 VR shot wide open.

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