Feb 20, 2012

Jibfest 2012 Marble Mountian

For something a little different yesterday i checked out the 2012 Jibfest, a snowboard competition, held at Marble Mountain.  

I would have had much more variety of photos from the event but i sh!t the bed in several ways.  

I was having a hard time trying to come up with interesting images for numerous sorry ass reasons and after an hour or more of shooting i decided to use very limited focus to make the riders 'pop'.  Unfortunately the two lenses i use for this purpose are the slowest SOB's to focus leaving me having to prefocus and nail the photo as the rider passed through the plane of focus...not a good way to get a ton of usable images!

Second, the night before i had all my gear ready to rock when i got the call that the contest was cancelled.  Silly me took my spare battery and popped it into another camera i had just purchased for testing purposes.  Fast forward 12 hours and i'm standing on the hill shooting the riders wondering how the hell i was gonna get an afternoon our of the 1/2 battery i had in the camera while my spare sat at home in the new camera!  Needless to say with a little necessary chimping my battery bit the bullet very premature.

Third, as this was a contest many of the riders were spinning on and off rails.   That might score high with the judges but it doesn't make for good photos! 

So with all the sorry excuses i have for bad photos/lack of variety out of the way here is a taste of what happened at the 2012 Jibfest held at Marble Mountain!

I couldn't tell you who won as i was smoozing with some folks i haven't seen in a long long time.

Maybe Spicycaesar will have the results?  Go check em out!

I also got to have a little chat with Mike and Steve from Magine snowboards.  They are a Newfoundland based snowboard company looking to bust into the market.  I predict great things in the future for Magine!  Support local!

Thanks so much for looking!

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  1. 1st. Placee : Will Plante
    2nd Place: Karl Windle
    3rd Place: Josh Keough
    Best Use of Space: Matt Noseworthy
    Best Trick: Chris Lake