Apr 16, 2018

Race on the Rock 2018: Uphill Drags

Those that attended the Western Sno-Riders 2018 Race on the Rock at Marble Mountain got quite a show!  The weather was challenging on Saturday for the uphill drags with high winds and blowing snow but that didn't stop the racers that came from all over Atlantic Canada.  I overhead someone say that there isn't a larger showing of horsepower on snow anywhere in Canada! 

Before we start i would like to extend my thanks to the Western Sno-Riders for not only hosting such an incredible annual event, but for everything their members did for me this weekend.  They got me access, kept me informed, gave me a place to warm up, offered hot drinks and food, and some great camaraderie!  I have to specifically point out both Marg and Nikita Howlett.  These photos would have never been possible without everything they did for me!

I would also like to thank the good folks at Fujifilm Canada who were able to get a Fujifilm X-H1 in my hands to shoot this event!  It held up to 12 hours of constant snow and wind, and performed admirably, to say the least.  Most of the images you see here were shot with the X-H1.  The rest were taken with an X-T2 and X70.

All images are copyright Scott Grant 2018.  They are all for sale in print or for license.  My contact info is after the images.  

Now, go get yourself a coffee as this may take a while!

Race Results:

600 Trail
1st Erin Dempster
2nd Tony Young
3rd Craig Borden
600 Improved
1st Tony Delaney
2nd Erin Dempster
3rd Tony Young

600 Pro Stock
1st Daniel Oxford
2nd Jake Pelley
3rd Peter Rumbolt
700 Trail Stock
1st Sinclair Ryan
2nd Nick Roland
3rd Erin Dempster
700 Improved
1st Ryan Cholock
2nd Sinclair Ryan
3rd Tony Delaney
700 Pro Stock
1st Ryan Rowe
2nd Perry Rouzes
3rd Gary Dyck
800 Trail Stock
1st Brad Rowsell
2nd Jim Gabriel
3rd Deon Penney
800 Improved
1st Daniel Oxford
2nd Deon Penney
3rd Sinclair Ryan
800 Pro Stock
1st Perry Rouzes
2nd Colton McPhee
3rd Daniel Oxford
1000 Trail Stock
1st Kyle Martin
2nd Tony Delaney
3rd Nick Hawco
1000 Improved Stock
1st Tara Stewart
2nd Tony Young
3rd Thomas Chubb
1000 Pro Stock
1st Barry Randell
2nd Darnell Hickey
3rd Gary Dyck
4 Stroke III
1st Thomas Rouzes
2nd Nick Hawco
Power Adder
1st Alan Hackett
2nd Jake Payne
3rd Josh Capstick
King of the Hill
1st Ryan Rowe
2nd Alan Hackett

All images are available in print or on canvas!

Even Friday's ramp setup and practice was awesome!


If you haven't already seen them here are the Snow Cross photos from Sunday's event...

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