Jul 21, 2010

Amanda and Todd's Marble Mountain Wedding

It would have been nice to just relax at a wedding for a change, but Todd being my oldest brother and Amanda my future sister in law I felt a little obliged to get them some quality snaps on their weddings day.  It would have killed me to see some nasty ass wedding photos when I could offer my services to them as a wedding present.

As is the norm with any wedding things ran a little late.  While waiting for Amanda to return from the salon I made myself at home at their place and had a cold one while taking some photos of Amanda's beautiful wedding dress.

*Click images to see larger version.

Before the ceremony Amanda explained the significance of the lady bugs.  A great friend of her's passed a year or two ago and she wanted her to be part of the wedding in some manner.  With lady bugs being her friends favorite Amanda adorned each bouquet with one.

Man, my little neice is really really cute.  She's is gonna be a heart breaker for sure!

Incredibly, Todd actually made it through the ceremony without jumping the in 'Ranger' and heading for the hills!  To be honest he did a great job for a redneck.  I think he almost got sentimental for a moment or two.  Looked good on him.  Amanda certainly does!

A day or two before the wedding Todd spent considerable time shining up his pride and joy, the Audi Coupe.  I joked to Amanda that it would be great to have her drape herself across the hood for one of those sexy chick shots.  Damn, if she wasn't game!  Now the hard part.  Would Todd be willing to let his now better climb up on the hood?  Hell, he was all over it too!  One issue though...with all the coats of wax Amanda could barely keep herself on the hood without slipping right off!

Amanda and her girls are a tight knit bunch.  Wendy and Tiffany are sweet as pie too.

And just like grade school the boys head to one side of the room, the girls to another.  :P

Congrats to you both!  It's great to have you as a sis'in'law Amanda.  Love you much! You make a great couple.

 PS...remember the time we were shingling mom's roof and Rosseau wanted to take the nail gun from you?  I'll never forget the look on his face after you said your piece!  :)

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