Apr 28, 2011

American Oystercatcher Posing in Last Light, Fort DeSoto

Had another try at Fort DeSoto yesterday.

Was up again at 5 am, arrived at 6:30 am and stayed at the North Lagoon until 11 am when i started to feel the effects of the sun.

After an afternoon of trying to beat the heat (thank God for the afternoon breeze!) i returned again for an evening.

This is the first time i've ever seen any Oystercatcher and to be able nab some of the images i got yesterday makes me feel really lucky. More of those to come! ;)

I was also fortunate enough to meet some great people and photographers including Chris Dobbs and Judy-Lynn Malloch.

This Oystercatcher was shot within 20 minutes of sunset with a D700 and 500mm VR with the warm Gulf waters splashing all over my rear end!

What a day!

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