Apr 15, 2011

Great Egret Portrait

Great Egret Portrait by Scott Grant
Great Egret Portrait, a photo by Scott Grant on Flickr.
My better half was out sunbathing in the back garden here in Florida this afternoon today when she comes in telling me to go have a look at who drove her out of her chair.

I walk over to the back door, look out and see a Great Egret (2 to 2.5 feet tall) staring back at me like he's looking for something.

Well, how about a lunch?

To keep it around for a minute or three i played some great egret calls from my iphone and ran to get some camera gear.

It did stick around for five minutes while i got ready but it was standing in full mid day sun. Not good for good photos.

With a little incentive in the form of sausage morsels from an evening or two ago i got him in the shade of a tree with a shady background...perfect for portraits.

I had to keep throwing the sausage pieces back behind him as it was he was too close to focus the 500mm most of the time.

What a terrible problem to have. I just love this place!

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