Jul 1, 2011

Atlantic Puffin with North Atlantic Backdrop

I just got back from a trip east to see Atlantic Puffin on the beautiful rocky shoreline and cliffs of Newfoundland. We didn't nab a ton of images as there weren't that many puffins getting close. I do think what we lacked in quantity we made up for in quality. I came home with a dozen images that i'm very pleased with.

The weather was pretty tough this time around. The first night found me shivering even though i was wearing a winters jacket and fleece. The last day i wore two layers of long underwear, a heavy fleece and winters jacket on top. On my bottom end i work long underwear, fleece pants and canvas pants. This load of clothes was topped off with a wool cap and gloves! Have to love a Newfoundland summer!

A friend joined me for four days. He was kind enough to loan me a 70-300mm VR. This little lens may not be razor sharp as the 500mm, but it sure as hell is a whole lot easier to deal with and extremly versitile!

Thanks so much for viewing!

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