Jan 10, 2012

My Favourite Wedding Images of 2011

Looking back i certainly had a fun and exciting 2011.  I've photographed weddings from one end of the Island to the other.  

After a wedding in Ramea I, along with another 100 who attended the wedding waited in line on the dock early the morning after for the ferry back to the mainland.  A wedding photographer from Halifax trusted me to shoot his wedding.  I flew to St. John's to shoot an old friends wedding who happens to now be married to a gentleman who makes movies in Holywood.  I missed my flight home from that one and had to drive through the night in a blinding snowstorm to get home in time to shoot a Halloween wedding in Frenchman's Cove.  People ask me what i did for New Years....Shot a wedding of course!

I've just started the process of updating some of the images on my website as they are all over a year old are getting a little old in the tooth.

Weddings are a big part of my business so starting there was a no brainer.  However it was a tough task as that meant sifting through somewhere between 40-50 thousand images to pick out my favs! 

Here are 60 of my favourites from 2011.  They are in no special order or sequence.  And i'm more than certain that if i sifted through all the wedding image i shot this past summer again i'd probably pick an entirely different 60 images!

ps....There are a few weddings i shot just after Xmas that won't be included as i haven't finalized the edits to the images yet.

And it seems i'm constantly blessed with having great couples to work with!

RONiN photography (Scott Grant) offers print and image sales, print service, photographic and post processing instruction for both group and private individuals.  Photography services include weddings, engagement sessions, people and pet photos, corporate events and so on.

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