Mar 24, 2014

Can wildlife be better providers than humans to our children?

I went out specifically to shoot birds here in South West Florida for the first time during my trip here yesterday. At a local hotspot i found cormorants diving continuously for fish (mostly catfish from what i could see). Once they gulped down one down they dove back down for another. The process repeated itself every few minutes.

On the other side of this 'hotspot' nests were abound and it became clear just why they were catching so many fish. As fast as they could bring them back their chicks were stimulating the parents by clicking their beaks and rubbing their throats to make the parents regurgitate the fish so they could eat. The chicks were large, and full of energy so it seems the parents were doing a great job!

After reading a story about some very neglected children in California a few days back i'm beginning to think that wild creatures make much better parents than a lot of humans do!

Nature is incredible if you take some time to observe!

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