Mar 5, 2014

RONiN is now an official Fuji X-Photographer!

I'm honoured and more than delighted to announce that Fujifilm Cameras has invited me to join their worldwide team of X-Photographers, a group devoted to providing feedback directly to Fujifilm on current and future X-Series products!

There are currently about ten of us in Canada. They'll be hosting an online gallery of images of mine made with the X-Series cameras. You'll be able to find it here in the very near future....

I've shot over 15,000 frames with my Fuji X100s since July of 2013. Currently i have an X Pro1 on loan with a host of lenses and am expecting the arrival of the just released X-T1 with a trio of fast primes this week! These two cameras have totally changed the way i view and take photographs and their output is second to none. I'm really excited to be taking this first step towards replacing my massive DLSR's! My cameras bag has already shed more than 5 lbs with a comparable Fujifilm setup which means i can take my gear with me anytime, anywhere!

It's an amazing time to be a photographer! 


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