Dec 14, 2014

Hunting for colour in Corner Brook with the Fujifilm X100T

I love these walks with a few rules.  One camera.  One lens.  Lots of depth of field (nothing out of focus).  This time around it was a hunt for anything colourful in mostly two dimensional environments.

Let me explain the reasoning behind the colour walk.  After October month in Newfoundland most of our colour disappears.  The sky thickens with clouds, the leaves fall off the trees, the grass withers and soon snow covers all leaving a mostly monochromatic landscape that will stay that way until June.  For a photographer it can be a hard time of the year.  It's especially hard on me as i've come to the realization that most of my imagery is solidly built on wild colour palettes.  

A few weeks back i took delivery of a beautiful camera from a series that has easily become my favourite cameras of all time.  I've replaced my now deceased Fujifilm X100s which drowned in the Serpentine River this past summer with a brand spanking new black X100t (t for 'third').  All Fujifilm X series camera come laden with the ability to reproduce some pretty incredible film stocks including Velvia which is famous among landscape photographers as it enhances natural colour like no other film.

With the Velvia film simulation set in the X100t i set off for a couple of hour walk in downtown Corner Brook, eyes only for colour.

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All images taken with the Fujifilm X100t.  

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this! And thanks for the tip about the depth of field, I'll have to try it. Love the colours.

  2. Great pictures, Scott! There's colour everywhere! Sort of reminded me of our trip to St. Pierre.!i=482024509&k=nTZZmx4