Apr 17, 2017

Fire in Lewis Hills!

An evening in late March of 2017 i went to the top of Marble Mountain Ski Resort, on Newfoundland's west coast in hopes of a catching a great sunset. The height of the mountain compared to the surrounding area affords a view like no other!  However, I got totally skunked.  The skies in the surrounding area were heavy and grey.

However, 39 kms away in Lewis Hills some killer light found it's way through the cloud cover producing God beams and made the blowing snow glow a bright orange!  It almost looked like 'Fire in the Hills'! 

Thankfully i had my longest telephoto lens and a teleconverter with me offering the firepower to shoot this scene from over 39 kms away in the Lewis Hills.  Normally atmospheric disturbances such as dust and warm, rising air really mess with images taken at great distance.  The more distance between you and subject the more disturbance is likely in the image.  Conditions were unusually great on this evening and the resulting images are very sharp!

This image was made with a production model Fujifilm X-T2 with the XF100-400mm telephoto zoom and the matching 1.4X teleconverter.

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