Apr 10, 2017

Race on the Rock Snow Cross 2017 at Marble Mountain

The first snow cross in 8 or 9 years in Western Newfoundland was held at Marble Mountain at Race on the Rock 2017 on April 9th.  And a hell of a race it was!

I was so skeptical about the amount of interest a snow cross would gather.  When it was mentioned a few months back i was one of the first to pipe up and say it wouldn't work!  I'm sure as heck happy no one listened to me!

Check it out!  Warning...image heavy!

Race Results:

Sport Class
1st - Joey Young
2nd - Gordon Toope
3rd - Timmy Harnett

600 Stock
1st - Richard English
2nd - Alex Young
3rd - David Decoste

800 Stock
1st - Ryan Randell
2nd - Timmy Harnett
3rd - Patrick Anderson

1st - David Decoste
2nd - Tony Young
3rd - Rick O'Brien

1st - Grant Wheeler
2nd -  Corey Endicott
3rd - Joey Young

He was King of the Bumps at the last snow cross race 9 years ago and yesterday he showed everyone he's still the King! Grant Wheeler of Corner Brook took the lead in the finals and held it through 7 gruelling laps!
Huge props to Grant and to everyone else who raced this weekend! I saw nothing but sunburns and smiles all weekend at Race on the Rock!
Also huge props to the volunteers! I got a good look at the thankless hard work some amazing people put in on the hill for days on end to make it happen and i'm floored they can pull off such a huge event, blocking the parking lots and surrounding roads with people from all over Atlantic Canada and from as far as Fort Mac!  Hats off to each and every one of you!

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