Apr 11, 2017

Race on the Rock Uphill Drags 2017

Here's the main event of Race on the Rock 2017 - the uphill drags!  This event had about 350 competitors and ran for 12 straight hours.

Warning!  Image heavy! 

Race On The Rock 2017 
Race Results
Uphill Drags
600 Trail 
1st – Brad Rowsell
2nd – David Decoste
3rd – Tony Delaney 
600 Improved 
1st – Glen McNeil
2nd – Tony Young
3rd – Brad Rowsell 
600 Pro
1st – Glen McNeil
2nd – Jamie Wells
3rd – Aaron Pelley 
800 Trail
1st – Nick Hawco
2nd – Jonathan Young
3rd – Todd Grant 
800 Improved
1st – Kyle Cooze
2nd – Ryan Rowe
3rd – Glen McNeil 
800 Pro
1st – Colton McPhee
2nd – Ryan Rowe
3rd – Alex Burke 
1000 Trail 
1st – Michael Hann
2nd – Charlie Payne
3rd – Jonathan Young 
1000 Improved
1st – Scott MacNeil
2nd – Glen McNeil
3rd – Tejay England 
1000 Pro
1st – Barry Randell
2nd – Perry Rouzes  
4 Stroke III
1st – Nick Hawco
2nd – Charlie Payne
3rd – Greg Pike 
Power Adder
1st – Jeff Fudge
2nd – Barry Randell
3rd – Zach Kennedy 
King of the Hill
1st – Daniel Lavhey
2nd – Jeff Fudge
3rd – Kris Armstrong

And there you have it!  I put in about 50 hours work on this since starting my prep work on Friday!   I'm heading out for a ride as it's 12*c and sunny!

Prints are available upon request and can be shipped anywhere! 

All the images are JPEGs made in camera with the Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2 cameras.

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