Apr 18, 2017

The Faux Iceberg

Iceberg season has begun!

And I'll admit I'm totally jealous of the hordes flocking to the iceberg off Ferryland so had to go find my own!

I arose early from my afternoon slumber to make the long 3 km journey by car.  The strong coffee I made kept me alert and motivated throughout the gruelling 5 minute drive! 
Once at this location I had an excruciating 1000 foot walk to the shoreline.  I barely made it as the trail was uneven and was even snow covered!  I wasn't sure what kind of madness I was getting myself into!

Standing on the shore I spied what I was after.  There it was, the price pig, not far from my position. 
Now I just had to move into good shooting position and wait for good light and be certain not to go over my rubber boots!  Cause you knows what that's like!

Thankfully I was rewarded with beautiful pastel colours to make this piece of ice glow!  All 4 inches of it! 😳

Unfortunately this is about as close as we get to finding Icebergs here in the Bay of Islands on Newfoundlands West coast! 

Soon be time for a trip eastward?

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Cheers all!

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